American artist Marshall Carbee took a close look at his own environmental footprint and the result is his new method and materials.  Using plant-based resins with organic oils and earth pigments like lapis lazuli, malachite and beach sand, Carbee works with the forces of nature to create his paintings. Wind, rain, sun, grass, and sand all have a hand in the creative process, provoking the viewer to contemplate man’s constructed separation from nature. Carbee's work has been exhibited and collected worldwide.

Love is Climbing a Mountain Covered with Stars on the Page by the Sea Inside the Rain Drops on Your Face,
Hurricane Painting, bio-paint, Jenness Beach sand and India ink on recycled canvas, 24" x 36", private collection

I Need You So Much Closer, bio-paint, low impact earth pigment on organic cotton /hemp canvas, 43" x 72", $12,000

Clone Seven,
bio-paint, earth pigment, sand, Clone 7 Cabernet raisins ( Pine Ridge) and rain water on organic canvas, 43" x 72

Hypnotic expanses of color, otherworldly illustrations, sculptural objects that defy classification. Carbee's vision displays a Mediterranean sensuality together with a quirky sensibility. The New-England-born artist's transatlantic education and individualistic irreverence results in a body of work that is irresistibly engaging. Embracing both figurative and abstract, collage and sculptural, examples of work on display include objects as diverse as handcrafted jewelry, a paper placemat created for Burger King, and paintings made in the ocean surf. With an artistic lineage that can be traced back to Surrealism, Carbee's work resists classification, inhabiting a unique space that alchemizes the familiar into the visionary and fantastic." 

-Frederick Kalil, curator, Pardon My French: The Art of Marshall Carbee, Tufts University


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